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I am invested in sharing my research and data-driven answers to questions about work and organizations, family, and gender with a broad audience. 

This is a selection of my op-eds and shorter pieces



Rao, Aliya Hamid. "Research: How Losing a High-Paying Job Affects Family Relationships." Harvard Business Review. 3 Feb 2023.


Rao, Aliya Hamid. Business or personal? gendered professional pathways after job lossGender & Society blog. (Cross-posted at Work in Progress blog).

Rao, Aliya Hamid. "Nothing cute about the 'she-cession': the bleak prospects for women who lose their jobs in the pandemic." LSE Covid-19 Blog. 19 March 2021.

Rao, Aliya Hamid. "When you know layoffs are coming." Harvard Business Review. 12 Jan 2021.


Rao, Aliya Hamid. "I'm home to find a job, not do that" - what research on unemployment teaches us about gender and job-searching. 29 Sept 2020. LSE Blogs.

Rao, Aliya Hamid. "Is working from home a solution to gender inequality?" Gender and the Pandemic, Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford. 9 Jul 2020.

Rao, Aliya Hamid.  "How the spike in unemployment from Covid-19 could set us back on gender equality." UC Press Blog. 15 Jun 2020.

Rao, Aliya Hamid. "When losing your job feels like losing your self." Harvard Business Review. 21 April 2020.

Rao, Aliya Hamid. "How privileged mothers experience unemployment." Work in Progress: Sociology on the economy, work, and inequality. 14 Jan 2020.


Rao, Aliya Hamid. “Even breadwinning wives don’t get equality at home.” 12 May 2019. The Atlantic


Wynn, Alison and Aliya Hamid Rao. “The stigma that keeps consultants from using flex-time.”  2 May 2019. Harvard Business Review


Rao, Aliya Hamid. “A new performance review process could fight cultural bias against women at work.” 15 May 2017. Quartz.

Rao, Aliya Hamid. 2017. “Veiled lives? Muslim women, headscarves, and

manufacturing Islam.” The Society Pages.


Rao, Aliya Hamid. 2017. “The woman behind the man: unemployed men, their wives, and the emotional labor of job-searching.” Work in Progress: Sociology on the economy, work, and inequality.

  • Cross-posted at Gender & Society blog.

This is a selection of my media mentions



"More women are earning as much as their husbands. So why are wives still doing the laundry?" USA Today. 13 April 2023. 


"When moms out-earn their husbands, they gain more housework." Washington Post. 2 May 2022.


"Return to office? Some women of color aren't ready." 23 June 2021. The New York Times.

"Ein bisschen mehr Homeoffice: So wollen die „Big Four“ nach der Corona-Pandemie arbeiten." Handelsblatt. 8 April 2021. 

"Covid lockdown is tough on couples." 23 March 2021. Financial Times. 


Interview with Anne Helen Petersen, for Culture Study. "Who gets the office, who gets the kitchen table." 9 Dec 2020. 

"Covid-19 dealt a blow to working women. Can we emerge stronger?" 7 Dec 2020. The New York Times. 

"Mothers are the "shock absorbers" of our society." 14 Oct 2020. The New York Times. 

"School closures force parents to choose between family and work." 28 June 2020. Financial Times.

"The pandemic's gender bias needs urgent fixing." 14 May 2020. Bloomberg Opinion.

"Coronavirus: Parenting changes amid pandemic." 10 May 2020. The Straits Times. 

"Mother's Day under Covid-19: How parenting changed during the pandemic." 9 May 2020. The Straits Times.

"How to get your partner to do more around the house, for real." 30 April 2020. MindBodyGreen.

"Dads the way we like it." 22 March 2020. The Straits Times.

"Millennial Men Are All For Gender Equality, But Don't Ask About Housework." 24 February 2020. The Huffington Post

2019 (and earlier)

"The Devil Wears Prada: Emily and a History of Workaholics." 8 Oct 2019. The Take

"Women in Singapore earn 13% less than men as gender wage gap persists: Glassdoor."  27 March 2019. The Straits Times. 

"Work-Life Policies Abound. Who has the Nerve to Use Them?" 28 May 2019. The American Lawyer.

"Réduction du temps de travail: petit guide pour consultants travaillomanes." 4 Juillet 2019. Consultor.

"When a man's unemployed, his wife bears the emotional cost." 2017. Mel Magazine.


"How Married Couples Confront Unemployment." Conversation on Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan. Radio New Zealand. 4 Nov 2020. 

"Crunch Time: How Married Couples Confront Unemployment." Interview for the New Books Network. 23 Jul 2020. 

"Why the ideal worker norm needs to change during the pandemic." The Swaddle Interviews. 22 Jul 2020.
Interview with Dr. Aliya Hamid Rao. The Sociology Show. 15 Jul 2020.
Guest expert on This Working Life, "If not THAT then WHO? The loss of self worth and identity when jobs evaporate." 4 May 2020
Guest expert on Harvard Business Review's "Women at Work" podcast, Season 5, Ep. 1, "We're beyond stretched." 13 April 2020. 
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