Teaching Philosophy

My aim is to help my students develop sociologically grounded reading and writing skills which will help them evaluate arguments on their empirical robustness and conceptual depth. I push my students to read critically by framing readings in my classes under the following four discussion questions: 1) do the data match the research questions? 2) are the claims supported by the data? 3) what are some alternative explanations for the findings? 4) why are you convinced or unconvinced with the argument? This allowed me to push students beyond summarizing texts to thinking critically about data, claims, and arguments. I also seek to make sociological concepts come alive for students, specifically by incorporating interactive activities drawing on students’ own experiences. 


I have taught courses on the Sociology of Work, Sociology of the Family and Introduction to Sociology. In future years, I look forward to developing courses in Economic Sociology, Sociology of Gender, and Qualitative Research Methods. 

Aliya Hamid Rao